Why BizzModell? You have to be adaptive.                                   Models never last for ever.

In the old economy, your plan could work for 5- 15 year. In the current VUCA model (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) your business model can work for 6 to 60 months.


That why you need to learn how to design your business model and value proposition. You do not have to kill your existing business. Keep the big oil tanker on track and start launching controlled speedboats. Create your discovery program.


You need to improve and iterate a business model continuously.

SAP, Microsoft, Medtronic, Mastercard, Intel, 3M and large enterprises using a new approach to improving their business models. It is not a gimmick or a trick. It demands courage, open culture and willingness to change.

Once you use this approach, you quickly think:

I should have done this before.


We use the business model development technique Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas of Strategyzer™. The Canvas methodology challenges you to define your resources, think about desirability and feasibility or your product and service. Moreover, you can make a quick scan if it can become profitable.


You will learn to thing visual and work visually. Why? We do not think in PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynotes. However, if you dream in .docx, .pptx and .xlsx,

I want to interview you...


Many companies and managers excel in a kind of PowerPoint and Excel 'terror' to hide their sometimes mediocre business plan.

Ask you get to draw out their plan they usually directly into a nervous mode. 

The message is simple: if you are not able to visualise your business model, then you can not explain it. Otherwise, it remains much blah blah.