HASYTEC Electronics rewards BizzModell with a 8,2!

Testimonial English

Jan Kelling Director Sales & Projects

Hasytec Electronics GmbH 


I heard about the business model design but had some ideas what it could be. I had no idea what the kind of impact the training could have for us.

The training is rewarded with an 8,2 in the survey afterwards. We are satisfied with the result.


Everybody learned to think differently about business models and value propositions. If you know our maritime history, this was an eye opener for us to develop new services and products. Most of the employees are using the tools and content from the BizzModell workshop. The excellent news was that it forced us to look different to our business. More focus on customers and better services. Moreover, now we have a clear process how to do this with the team.


Some processes in sales and product development have become easier. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and money. If we apply the BizzModell methodology, we save time, money and costly processes for go to market strategy.


I really would recommend the training definitely to other industries and sectors. There are no limitations actually how the BizzModell workshop can help others. The side effect of the training was empowerment and a positive vibe about the future of Hasytec Electronics GmbH.


We could not get a better result