What we do

In training, we are not talking about BizzModell. We will focus primarily on your existing clients or the new clients for new products or services. We will also concentrate why they want to do business with you. They finally take care of your sales revenue and profits.


You have probably now business we were not able to change and went obsolete. If you think we do not need to change, remember the quote of Stephen Covey; If we keep doing what we are doing, we are going to continue getting what we are getting.


Ever wonder why?


It is not the strongest of the species That Survives, nor the most intelligent That Survives. It is the one that's the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin.

Business Model Design | Value Proposition | Validation
Business Model Design | Value Proposition | Validation

My story

Dharminder Biharie founds BizzModell. My job was business development manager at Xerox.

I have gained years of experience and with major national and international clients.

Therefore I know all the pros and cons of a more extensive corporate environment.

However, I know from practice I know very well the SMB culture and their pitfalls. I worked in a highly competitive industry where the economic crisis soon made the difference in company with the right or the wrong business model.


You will get my international experience for free.

You will receive personal training from me. Moreover, if needed, we have partners who can help you with other challenges.

My mission


" A not testable businessmodel is dead by default"


My mission.

The mission of BizzModell is to turn companies, managers and employees into adaptive entrepreneurs, it will help a company or organisation to adapt any change, economic crisis, new opponents on the market and competition.