If customers change, what are you going to change in your business model?

Photo by SpaceX and Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash
Photo by SpaceX and Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

What is BizzModell?

Bizzmodell provides workshops and consultancy how to design better business models and value propositions within their organisations, test and implement successfully.


These services is suitable for freelancers, SMB,  public sector, commercial business or large corporates.


BizzModel uses the non-traditional approach to developing business plans. We do not believe in business plans because they are not designed around the customer (exploration) but from an execution perspective.


The traditional approach is:

1. Write a business plan

2. Build a team

3. Introduce a product or service

4. Sell, sell, sell.



A business plan is the implementation of a business model. Companies often confuse a business plan for a model. These business plans are usually rigid and linear planned.

For example, you plan to grow your market share, your gross margin and you want to have more revenue Right? What will happen to your business if it does not work?


Moreover, while your competitor is doing better. Is your business still okay? Alternatively, is your business model outdated?


If managing your growth, margin and reducing cost has become a headache, maybe you do not have the right business model.


It is time that you grants yourself the right knowledge with practical how to design a new business with Business Modell Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and validate them. Event SPRINT projects makes the proces better, compared to the average meetings and processes to launch product and service.