BizzModell | Inkish webinar

How to stay relevant in
an evolving market?

Thursday 9 April 2020

09:00-10:00 CET Amsterdam


“As a service provider in print and communication, you have to deal with impactful shifts in the market. Evolution does not rest©”

In this online masterclass, we explain how companies can stay relevant in a changing market. 

The topics we will address:

  • Difference between business plans and models. 
  • Why transformation keeps you in business
  • How printing technologies forces you to change.
  • How do I improve my current business? 
  • How do I develop a new business model in the Corona period?
  • Advantages of business model design 
  • Examples of services and products created with business design
  • Q&A

Your host for the online Masterclass is

Dharminder Biharie | CEO BizzModell