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About business model innovation masterclass program

Why should you consider this program?

In a VUCA world you need a different approach to address hurdles for business. Where business plans where adequate to help you in the past, current evolving clients and business demand business design. BizzModell will conduct you in a two-day masterclass to get the methodology and how you can implement this quickly to your existing or innovative business ideas.
With a business plan, you execute, and there is no outline to approach uncertainty. With a business model innovation masterclass program, we will address risk, learn from the difficulty and adjust the model quickly when needed. Fast decision criteria save instantly valuable time and money.

Vision: Giving vision; create vision;
Uncertain: Understanding: Trying to understand the context;
Complex: Clarity: Providing clarity and making it simple;
Ambiguous: Agility: incorporating flexibility.

Business model innovation masterclass program​

Day 1

Day 2

Business Models vs Businesss plans

Understanding the difference between a businss plan and model. Why you need a business design to improve and create better or new revenue streams.

What is a value proposition?

Every product or service has a specific job to accomplish for a user.
How are you going to approach with your business the right jobs of the customer?
Your product is never the value proposition.
Think about it. Is aspirin overcoming the headache if you can attend a meeting with a problem?

Understanding the dynamics of a businesss model

Learn to understand the dynamics of a business model. What are the principal elements to create a prosperous business model? And best practices.

How to design the right value propostion?

Your (new) client is not the user. They need both need a different value proposition. You will learn how to create them easily.

How to address uncertainty of your business and anticipate

How to address the uncertainty of your business and how to predict this. Learn to anticipate before it is too late.

Develop quick new models and ideas and test them

After this lesson, you will never accept the lengthy meeting, 200 pages plans and noble excel sheets. Why waste time when you save it.

Create new business models

How can I create fast, with low costs new business models and test them?

A not testable business model and value proposition are dead by default.

You will learn how you can test and validate your business ideas, create quick adjustments after feedback of your clients. Every new iteration in the process is a learning consequence. Use this to remove uncertainty and create clarification for your business and team.

Your take away after two days

After two day days, you will have a clear understanding of why business models design will help your business, how you can create quick new products and services. And test them to learn if there are a desire and feasibility in the market.


There is a business language like a meeting, revenue, customers, and forecast.
But is there an official language to speak all the same when we talk about transformation, change, innovation or new directions?
The hidden gem is: after the masterclass, you will realise why one universal language is the best instrument to align everyone for the new move. Avoid the Tower of Babylon.


Almost 60%-70& is hands-on during he the masterclass. You will have interaction, learnings and discussions with other attendees. NO dead buy POWERPOINT. Promised.

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