Evolution never rests.
Neither does your customer, competitor
and disruptor.

Learn how to innovate in an efficient way 

and continue to grow.

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Wondering why the competitor is outperforming you?

“The market is constantly evolving”, “The transformation is accelerating”, “You have to be constantly innovating to keep up.” 

Those are cliches, and for a good reason. Maybe you already sense it in your business: leaning back or waiting for better times doesn’t do much for your future.

With a solid business model and value proposition you will be able to make real progress, with customer-focused, cost-effective innovation. Without an armada of consultants, but with results. 

Keep up to date by continuously innovating

How will you be positioned in the market in two, three or five years?

Do you want to be relevant for the market in the future?  If so, you need to get to the point now. 

You have to know very clearly what’s going to work, and most importantly: What customers demand. 

We are going to help you with this transformation. We will help you to transform your business model into a successful value proposition, so that you continue to expand in the future. 

If you want to go far...go together. Therefore BizzModell collaborates with partners.
They are all professional and experienced specialists with a passion for transformation that leads to results.

Transformation and innovation partners

Dharminder Biharie

CEO | BizzModell

Roy in het Veld

Partner | AtFirstManagement

Prof.Dr.Ing. Hubert Rampersad

Imagineer | Disruptive Innovator

Sander Jansen

Partner | ChangeVenture

So, for how long is your business going to last in the industry?

If you can't get any further than reducing costs and increasing margin and increasing sales, it will stop one day.

If your business plan and conventional optimalisation no longer works, what is your business plan B, C and D? 

It’ time for proper innovation and transformation, in your value proposition. Are you going to wait until it is really too late? 


In the beginning. Shiny happy Business

Your business runs incredibly smoothly. Everything flourishes like crazy.

Your business model works perfectly, no threat from new players.

Sensation: wohoo to yiHaa!

What would help you?

Learning to anticipate and innovate so that you can expand even faster.


Market driven model

You were very successful in the past, but you are now mostly trying to manage costs and “unconsciously” turn it into a cash cow. 

Just for the sake of your marketing power, you are trying to generate more revenues. You stop innovation. 

Feeling: Going well! More revenue.

What would help you? 

Listen to your customers and re-invent your business with a new business proposition before it is too late. 


Poor results: no more spending

Revenue and market share are declining, and financial management is dominated.

Not a penny can be spent on innovation or the development of new business models.

In short: weak leadership

This is a wake up call. Feeling: Uh…Oh…

What would help you?

Embrace change and start getting started. Listen to your consumers and innovate your business model and proposition. Tampering with your business plan won’t do much good.

84% believe in the importance of innovation for the growth.
80% are aware that the current business model is at risk.
And only 6% are satisfied with innovation and transformation achievements.

If you’re one of the 94% who could use some help,

Shall we make an appointment?


(Source McKinsy)

What relations think about it


"Why didn't I do it differently? This leads to more success, it saves money and people are involved in the business process. We are optimistic about the future now"

A satisfied customer after a successful journey

Do you want to know how you are performing?
Each month we will offer an adaptability assessment as a gift (value € 4999).

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