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Dharminder Biharie CEO

" Shifts give energy, new opportunities. I like to let people see it."

I worked for many years at a large American corporation, as Business Development Manager. After 34000 days of American culture and 10,000 conversations, I realised what was needed.

For innovations you don’t need long Powerpoints and dramatic spreadsheets with 12 tabs.

Can you remember the documents of two weeks ago? Be honest.

What’s needed most is action. For me, action means practically getting started with your business model and value proposition. Simply talking to your customers, but also your people.

And customers find that a great relief. People are struggling with change, but it can be a lot more easy, with more results, and a bit more affordable as well. I just enjoy that.

Our mission statement

Making businesses successful by transforming change into profitability.

More and better results with Business Design

After a master class at Strategyzer with Alexander Osterwald and Yves Pigneur in Berlin and a bootcamp SPRINT with Jake Knapp in Copenhagen, he sensed immediately that business design was his new aspriation.

By connecting different approaches, BizzModell was created: a visual and practical method to increase the adaptability of organizations with an immediate impact.

As a dyslect you have another great advantage. You can understand connections better, you have an overview of the bigger picture and you are very well able to visualize it. Where business plans often get stuck in details, the advantage of business design is the overview of the entire picture.

Extensive experience with international and SMB businesses

With BizzModell I help several major (inter)national companies to optimize business processes and business results, such as Hasytec, Fespa and MedicoIndustrien. I know the pros and cons of a corporate organization but I also have hands-on knowledge of the SMB business.

I know the tough reality of highly competitive industries with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience about how to design and adapt business models in order to survive economic crises. He understands the corporate culture like no other and also has a good understanding of why these changes do not happen.

Great international network

With me you get a professional who has a wide range of international experience and has a network of valuable contacts and professional counselors. I have successfully strengthened the adaptability of a variety of ( conventional) businesses.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

Peter Drucker

BizzModell at New Business Radio

Learn from fuck-ups of others

Most success stories are created by trial and error! At ‘Fuck-Up Friday’ on New Business Radio, we’re talking about trial and error; “the Fuck-Ups”.
In this program we are welcoming entrepreneurs who are not frightened to share their stories, so that other businesses can learn from their experiences. Business leaders who have experienced a particular transformation will join us in the studio at the Mediapark to share their story on New Business Radio.

It is a program formatting that does not include Instagram filters and polished texts. It’s the same as it is! What did you as an entrepreneur or company discover, what went wrong and what decisions should not have been made afterwards? You only learn when you tolerate mistakes and make it debatable.

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