Get an unfair advantage in your business model.
It is time to make your business future proof.

Made in the Netherlands,
but readjusted for you.

We are developing to start the first online business model design masterclass

for the graphic arts business in India!

Dharminder BIharie

One thing is clear: the graphics arts industry is evolving. We can not stop this. 

In my career, I had more than 10.000 conversations about business and business development. I worked at Xerox, EFI and for Koenig & Bauer. I consulted the traditional printers, the market service providers and companies who disrupted the conventional cards and photo books business.

The printers in India will face in time the same challenges as the Europian and North American printers did. Not now but later. The middle class will get more mobile and internet savvy. The use of the internet will democratize business and change. Please don’t get surprised.

Innovation and a good innovation strategy are essential for the growth and competitiveness of your organization. The online masterclass gives you insight into processes so that it can be applied immediately within your company with a clear structure. 

At the business innovation masterclass, you will not only receive up-to-date knowledge but also useful tools and exercises to bring the innovation method in your organization to a higher level. Afterwards, you will be able to reduce processes to weeks or even days. Later, you know very well that you need to have the audience first (clients) and only then the product or service. And not the other way around, as many (corporate) businesses do.  

After completing the online business innovation masterclass, you can: 

  • Improve the innovation capacity of your organization; 
  • Manage your company’s innovation processes;  
  • You speak one language when it comes to business model innovation.  
  • Identify the most critical challenges in terms of changes in your business and deal with them; 
  • Understand the pitfalls of business innovation. Think of culture and leadership.  
  • Learn fast and fail fast. 

A business model and value proposition that can’t be tested is dead by default.

Every part of the online masterclass we deal with a different theme: 

Module 1

Why business plans are not innovative, and business model design is.  

  1. Difference between business model design and a plan 
  2. How do you prevent a tower of Babylon? 
  3. How do business model innovation and the 4 forces work?  
  4. How to quickly create a prototype 
  5. Characteristics of a good business model 
  6. How to come up with good ideas

Module 2

Value proposition 

  1. Fall in love with your customer and not your competitor 
  2. What is a great value proposition 
  3. Job to be done. This is what makes the difference. 
  4. Understand the difference between social, emotional and functional jobs
  5. How to select the right idea
  6. Validation the business ideas to check the viability
  7. Participant profile

You have seen that your existing earning model can be threatened and you want to anticipate it by, for example, adapting elements. You are a business manager, owner of the company, C-level or MD or unit manager. Or you or a startup coach wants to implement improvements in your business model within your company, new products or services on the market.  

Worldwide, the method has been used more than 5 million times by corporations, the self-employed and non-profit organizations.