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BizzModell makes your company adaptive. Finally, you can stay relevant in the ever-changing market.

Business model innovation allows you to anticipate and change your business operations without losing valuable time, effort or resources. 

We help you improve your existing business model, develop and evolve organisational frameworks and assist you to implement them. 

Having a robust business model steeped in value proposition is crucial to stay relevant in a continuously evolving global market.

With business model design, you can become adaptive, innovative and remain relevant to your clients and customers. Also, you will have a practical framework and methodology for all levels of your organisation to keep you on track. We will help you  create cooperation and coordination between your business units and departments — building one language of innovation to make your company ecosystem work every day, week month and year. 

Our Services


BizzModell organizes open business boot camps inside your company to gain full effect and instant drive around implementation of solutions. You obtain virtual employees or leverage your top clients to create and build your innovation processes when it comes to new products and services. Advantage: fast, independent and immediate results. Added bonus: best ambassadors of your brand and business.


Do you want a practical session in with your team that delivers outcomes? We undertake boot camps that give a quick overview of the pain points in your business, their causes and assist you in building new elements that mitigate, resolve and add value. Our neutral business mentors can help you simplify challenges to make your organisation prosperous.

Business Innovation Assessment

Through a business innovation assessment, our team will assist your company in its exploitation or exploration mode, uncovering real opportunities that give you returns on investment. The good news is that through this process we gain an unbiased view of the state of business and will give you immediate and direct feedback that informs your business decisions.

Business Mentorship

Our team has more than 10,0000 hours of in field business improvement development. They take your dynamics, politics and goals and drive towards the tasks that will see you succeeded. With over 5000 days of professional customer experience in driving organisations to reach their vision and goals, we communicate and share our valuable knowledge that brings about the change that you are seeking.

Open Bootcamp

BizzModell organizes open business design workshops that target businesses that are in start-up mode, continuous improvement cycle, product management design and enhancement, innovation, building future strategies, SMT, MD and C-Level support. Our open workshops are aimed at uncovering desire, defining visions, setting goals and measuring milestones of your journey through to outcome.


Nothing is as powerful as a podcast that resonates with organisations that are aspiring grow their reach through innovation, reduce costs via smarter business practices and deliver more of what they do best to the market. Podcasts not only give knowledge and save time, but they are a trustworthy medium by giving everyone access to the experts. What’s more, you can actively join in on our conversations. BizzModell with New Business Radio aids in the production, content and strategy for your podcasts if you want to share know how onto others.

Why BizzModell? 11.000 patents and
still not where you want to be...

"After 12 years of corporate experience, I discovered that having 11,000 patents is no guarantee for the future. I was surprised that no new revenue models were strategized or developed. Organisations always kept doing the same thing over and over without the outcome that they are seeking. Changes were constantly made through reorganisation and employees were confused with the constant transformation. Leadership was always aspiring higher to excel and so was my understanding of management. My curiosity was truly stimulated on why having the leading idea’s and the passion didn’t always result in the outcome that the corporation was seeking."

Dharminder Biharie

BizzModell accelerates the innovation cycle, whilst brining adaptability. 

Making business choices transparent. 

Making business choices transparent. 

It is a method that educates you and your team to: 

  • develop adaptability for continuous business improvement, 
  • design business models and value propositions that resonate to your goals, 
  • test  profitability of your ideas and innovations, 
  • implement new ideas within the organisation without disruption, 
  • successfully introduce new products and services seamlessly, 
  • make decisions quick and easy by being informed, 
  • accelerate your innovation cycle. 


BizzModell is suitable and convenient for all organisations their sub branches or subsidiaries and especially ideal for (traditional) companies that need or want to innovate immediately to become flexible and adaptive to global demand and market change. 

Increase your adaptivity

To stay relevant in the market, you have to adopt a different mindset think adaptivity and position yourself for future success. 
Assessing your business frameworks and organisation models continuously to stay ahead of the market and prepared for its change, will ensure enduring customer relationships, financial stability and social-economic benefits. BizzModell helps you remain adaptive, innovative and change ready, not only in your business approach but also in your value propositions out to the marketplace. We will assist you and your teams to get to your end goal through knowledge, skills and planning. 

Visuals. Everyone understands images and visuals, so we build models that your organisation can relate to across all levels.

BizzModell combines different methodologies and frameworks to achieve a more predictable result when it comes to your business planning and transformation journey, bringing about the achievements of your goals now and into the future. 

Undertaking a  business canvas model, we will challenge you to rethink your destination and how you plan on getting there by leverage key insights during the process. Our business models challenge you to be innovative, adaptive and future thinking. What’s more, we guide you throughout the journey of designing a new business model that is built on core value propositions, while accurately defining the right resources, requirements and outcomes to get you to your end destination.  

Visualisation is an essential asset as it allows people to instantly understand the journey in which your business would like to go on. If you can’t clearly define your strategy to your employee’s, how will you make your destination? BizzModell will teach you and your employees to design and visualise effectively, so you can continue your journey when it comes to other areas of business improvement. 

About BizzModell

We work for you, whether you are a start-up, SMB or large corporate organzation. The BizzModell approach is simple and effective without comes that are measured and tested. What’s more, we keep it simple – simple teachings, learnings and core driven outcomes. And we stay with you for the long term, to ensure your journey is smooth.  

With BizzModell, Dharminder Biharie is also the presenter of the Fuck-Up Friday radio program at New Business Radio. Without scripts and honest stories about failing in business.

New Business Radio

Our mission:

Make companies adaptive to deal with changes in the market or clients.

Why BizzModell

BizzModell is an idea from Dharminder Biharie. Dharminder worked as an International Business Development Manager at Xerox Corporation. With 3400 days of experience in American corporate background and more than 10,000 conversations, it was time for a change.

His adage is: If you want to innovate, kill your own cash cow.

Business design as a new method

After a master class at Strategyzer with Alexander Osterwald and Yves Pigneur in Berlin and a SPRINT boot camp with Jake Knapp in Copenhagen, he immediately felt that business design is his new aspiration. By combining different methods, BizzModell was created: a visual and practical approach to successfully increase the adaptive capacity of organisations. As a dyslectic, you have another advantage. You can see connections better, you oversee the bigger picture, and you are very capable of presenting it. Where business plans often get drilled down into details, the advantage of business design is the overview of the model. 

Experienced with international corporates and SMB companies

With BizzModell, Dharminder supports various large (inter) national companies in optimising business processes and business results, such as Hasytec GmbH, Fespa Netherland Association and MedicoIndustrien. He knows the pros and cons of corporate business but also the reality of SMB situations. 

Dharminder is experienced in highly competitive industries with a set of expertise and know-how about how you can design and improve business models to withstand an economic crisis. He knows the corporate culture like no other and also knows very well why transformation does not work.



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